Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this site may have.

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1. Do I need a designer first?

No, we have designers, structural engineers, civil engineers and interior designers that work with us to complete your project from start to finish.


2. Do I need to have a set of drawings before I contact you?

No, drawings are not needed before you contact us. We can help you from the very inception of your project ideas.


3. Do I have to research and select the products that I want you to install in my home?

If you wish, you can specify every product that we use in your project. We can also recommend excellent products that we have used in past projects.


4. Do you have different brands of products for me to look at?

Yes, in many of the products we use we have a "good, better, best" selection.


5. Will I get my money back on a home improvement project when I decide to sell my home?

First, let us send you a free cost versus value report.
Second, for the past 25 years values in American real estate have continued to rise.
Third, a neglected home will not sell well.
Fourth, you are having a home improvement project performed for you, not the future owner.
Living in your home should bring you nothing but satisfaction.
Home improvement is one of the best ways to insure this satisfaction.


6. Will you value and take into consideration my ideas?

Absolutely. The basis of our company is in design/build. This means that we rely on the owner's input in order for the project to be completed to satisfaction. We not only listen but also ask questions during the course of the project to make sure nothing will be overlooked. It is very much a team approach, with you being the most important member of the team.