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Our customers are our primary concern. By being available and following up after the completion of a project, we establish a comfortable and lasting relationship with all of the people we do work for. In fact, most of our work comes from referrals.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Chris Lopez and my wife, Wendy, and I recently completed a renovation of our home in Carlsbad. We are writing to you in order to express what our experience was like working with members of your organization.

The project was probably a small one in the eyes of LZ Construction (room addition, closing off the vaulted ceilings and adding a room, creating a jack-and-jill bathroom arrangement, new kitchen counters, and re-do of the master shower / tile.) We put the work out for bid and met with 3 reputable San Diego construction firms. Ben Douglas from LZ was assigned as our project's Supervisor.

From the very first meeting, the stage was set. Ben was professional, spoke directly (yet carried a pleasant demeanor) and was on the ball. Ultimately, and especially in regards to his consistently timely follow-up, he made our decision to choose LZ Construction a "no-brainer". And we've never regretted it once.

From the time the project started and through completion, Ben was in control and "directed traffic" the way a Project Manager is supposed to (but yet you don't often see as a customer). I am still shocked that in the 5 weeks or so that LZ was working at our home, there was never a miscommunication or the "keystone cops" routine being played out in front of our very eyes. Ben was simply outstanding. My wife and I have worked with other firms and we're always apprehensive based on those particular past experiences. Not the case with LZ Construction...

We switched gears a few times on Ben and he adapted (and with a great attitude)...Ben and his team encountered some challenges based on the design of our home and they quickly figured out solutions for things none of us were expecting. In all, just a top-notch experience. 

I just wanted to point out that it is my belief that Ben needs to be recognized. The experience that he created has led me to be sort of a "salesman" for LZ Construction - I will continue to refer others your way when I can. Also, I would offer that guys like Randy and Rick worked hard to make everything perfect.

In closing, thank you for making our experience a very positive one. I never thought I would say this but we'll never put any additional work out for bid...we have your number. 

Chris and Wendy Lopez

It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial on behalf of LZ Construction:

Recently, a 600 square foot guest living quarters addition to our home was completed by LZ Construction. We are absolutely delighted with the result. The whole construction experience was a positive one, from the initial discussions of the project to the computer assisted design process, in which we were completely involved. Through every aspect of the construction to the finishing touches, Larry, Ben and Brian gave us their constant attention, responding to all of our concerns and questions promptly and informatively, thus making the process as smooth and worry-free as possible. We particularly appreciate that LZ dealt with all the complications of permits, and the regulations and requirements of local agencies while keeping us updated regularly on all proceedings. All phases of the project were handled very well, and the construction area was always kept organized and clean. All subcontractors and company employees were efficient and professional. our project was completed in a timely fashion, stayed within budget, and we were very happy with quality of the completed work. Larry and the team were always attentive to our wishes and our satisfaction was obviously important. The finished addition turned out to be all that we had hoped for and more. We could not have had a better experience with our remodel and would heartily recommend LZ Construction to any homeowner.


Gillian Jones

Superb experience!

For several years, we delayed our home remodel because we were intimidated by the size of our project. We wanted to add a second story to our house, which involved a lot of structural work on the first floor. Fortunately a friend recommended LZ Construction and as a result, the last year has been a very positive experience. We both wish we had remodeled sooner, it was extremely easy with LZ because they provide expertise at each step of the process from design, architectural, demolition, building and finish work. Larry Zolezzi and his team have far exceeded our expectations, and given us a beautifully remodeled home in less time than was forecast. All his staff were highly responsive, returning phone calls and emails either the same day or within a day. Two days didn't go by without some work being done on our property during the entire 9 months of work. They were very flexible, always trying to meet our needs and doing what worked best for us. They provided us with a very attractive exterior and interior design, which always brings high compliments from our guests and neighbors. We would not hesitate to use them again and recommend them whole-heartedly.

Jeff and Angie Miner

Dear Larry,

The house is beautiful! We are very pleased with the results. The transformation has been incredible and everyone who has seen it has been very impressed. Your vision was perfect for removing the old brick fireplace and making a great room.

You have a good group of guys working for you. Ben showed a lot of patience listening to our concerns. He is very diplomatic when dealing with problems. John has a good eye for style. Everyone was always very agreeable and helped us to "survive" the remodel.

Tony & Hulda

Dear Larry,

It is with great pleasure that Judi and I pass on a well deserved "Bravo Zulu" (navy speak for "As good as it gets") to you and your crew.

From our initial contact with Brian Bobb, who sold us the job, we have been extremely satisfied with your entire staff.

Aaron and Lorenzo, who performed the bulk of the work, were always on time and here when they were supposed to be. Every facet of what they did showed a great degree of professionalism. Aaron's motto, "No problems, just solutions" explained the attitude of everyone involved.

Ben Douglas, the project supervisor, demonstrated his vast knowledge of code regulations and requirements as well as his ability to relate to the down and dirty aspects of the job. Ben was always available by phone and made routine site visits.

Each of the sub contractors; electric, dry wall, insulation and plastering were extremely professional and were willing in all occasions to adjust their schedules to ours.

Judi and I think that the most glowing recommendation that we can give is the almost total look of disbelief on the faces of our friends when they walked through the front door for the first time, into a virtually new home. This complete transformation is a testament to your crews' superb craftsmanship.

Please!! Feel free to list the Callaway Family as being among your most satisfied customers.

Don & Judi Callaway