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LZ Construction has gone "Green"

LZ Construction has gone "Green"

Oh yes… we have all heard the buzz in the media, in church, at our kids' schools and even picking new cleaning products up at the grocery store… “Green” is “in”. No matter how for or against you feel about the overwhelming number of issues “going green” can involve, Sustainable Building Practices or “Green Building” is becoming the norm. Over the course of the next three years California building standards will be going seriously “green” and, as you know, that means the national standards are not far behind!

Building a “greener” or “sustainable” home is simply building a healthier, tighter, more durable and efficient home with devices and materials that last longer, that use fewer, reuse or produce their own resources, that promote savings through their function, or that contain little or no toxic materials that can harm you and your family. Oh and sustainable construction doesn’t necessarily cost you more money… the costs are either an immediate savings, equal to traditional practices or provide a nifty return on your money in the longer term. Sustainable design can also provide an opportunity to create a unique and attractive look that will make your home different than all the rest.

Whether you really want to go for it and build your house to sustain many of its own functions or just to save a few dollars on your heating bill, we all find ourselves making design decisions that can be considered ‘green’.

In fact, you may have already installed new windows, or a ‘tankless’ water heater or had recycled content cellulose insulation blown into your attic… those all help our environment in their own little way.

L.Z. Construction is committed to working with you to make sense of it all while we design your version of a healthier more comfortable home that meets and beats the current standards of a sustainable home.